Final Fantasy VI: Worlds Collide
Version 1.3.0 Generated 2023-05-24 00:38:18 Input ff3.smc Output ff6wc_zngddxb62n50.smc Log ff6wc_zngddxb62n50.txt Website Seed 0zbfcvbslfg4 Flags -cg -oa -ob -oc -od -oe -sc1 random -sc2 random -sc3 random -sal -eu -csrp 80 85 -fst -brl -slr 3 6 -lmprp 75 125 -lel -srr 25 35 -rnl -rnc -sdr 1 2 -das -dda -dns -sch -scis -com 98989898989898989898989898 -rec1 28 -rec2 27 -xpm 3 -mpm 5 -gpm 3 -nxppd -lsced 2.5 -hmced 4 -xgced 2 -ase 2 -msl 65 -sed -bbs -drloc shuffle -stloc mix -be -bnu -res -fer 0 -escr 100 -dgne -wnz -mmnu -cmd -esr 1 4 -ebr 75 -emprp 75 125 -nm1 random -rnl1 -rns1 -nm2 random -rnl2 -rns2 -nmmi -mmprp 75 125 -smc 3 -sws 1 -sfd 2 -sto 1 -ieor 33 -ieror 33 -csb 5 13 -mca -stra -saw -sisr 20 -sprp 75 125 -ssf4 -sdm 5 -npi -sebr -snes -sesb -snee -snil -ccsr 20 -chrm 0 0 -cms -cspp -frw -wmhc -cor 100 -crr 100 -crvr 50 60 -crm -cnee -cnil -ari -anca -adeh -nmc -nee -noshoes -nu -nfps -fs -fe -fvd -fr -fj -fbs -fedc -fc -ond -rr -etn Hash Conductor, Vargas, Fish, Conductor --------------------------------------------------------- Game --------------------------------------------------------- Settings Mode Character Gating Seed 0zbfcvbslfg4 Spoiler Log False ------------------------------------------------------ Objectives ------------------------------------------------------ A Unlock Final Kefka B Unlock KT Skip Characters 5-5 Checks 16-16 Espers 8-8 Dragons 2-2 Conditions Required 2-2 Conditions Required 2-2 C Add Boss Levels 7-7 D Add Boss Levels 7-7 Dragons 1-1 Dragons 2-2 Conditions Required 1-1 Conditions Required 1-1 E Add Boss Levels 7-7 Checks 7-7 Conditions Required 1-1 -------------------------------------------------------- Party --------------------------------------------------------- Starting Party Characters Start Character Random Start Average Level True Start Character Random Start Level 3 Start Character Random Start Naked False Start Character None Equipable Umaro True Character Stats 80-85% SwdTechs Fast SwdTech True Commands Everyone Learns False Morph Random Unique Steal Random Unique Blitzes SwdTech Random Unique Bum Rush Last True Throw Random Unique Everyone Learns False Tools Random Unique Blitz Random Unique Lores Runic Random Unique Start Lores Random 3-6 Lore Random Unique MP Random Percent 75-125% Sketch Random Unique Everyone Learns True Slot Random Unique L.x Spells Original Dance Random Unique Rage Random Unique Rages Leap Random Unique Start Rages Random 25-35 No Leap True Shuffle Commands False No Charm True Random Exclude Possess Random Exclude Shock Dances Random Exclude None Start Dances Random 1-2 Random Exclude None Shuffle Abilities True Random Exclude None Display Abilities True Random Exclude None No Stumble True Everyone Learns False Steal Chances Higher Shuffle None Sketch/Control Sketch Ability Original Sketch Accuracy 100% Sketch Stats Character Control Ability Original Control Stats Character -------------------------------------------------------- Battle -------------------------------------------------------- Experience, Magic Points, Gold Scaling Experience Multiplier 3 Level Scaling Characters + Espers + Dragons Magic Points Multiplier 5 Level Scaling Factor 2.5 Gold Multiplier 3 HP/MP Scaling Characters + Espers + Dragons No Exp Party Divide True HP/MP Scaling Factor 4 Exp/GP Scaling Characters + Espers + Dragons Bosses Exp/GP Scaling Factor 2 Boss Battles Shuffle Ability Scaling Element Dragons Shuffle Ability Scaling Factor 2 Statues Mix Max Scale Level 65 Shuffle/Random Phunbaba 3 False Scale Eight Dragons True Normalize & Distort Stats False Scale Final Battles False Boss Experience True No Undead True Encounters Marshal Keep Lobos False Random Encounters Shuffle Fixed Encounters Random Boss AI Boss Percent 0% Doom Gaze No Escape True Escapable 100% Wrexsoul No Zinger True MagiMaster No Ultima True Chadarnook More Demon True -------------------------------------------------------- Magic --------------------------------------------------------- Espers Natural Magic Starting Espers 0-0 Natural Magic Random Spells Random 1-4 Randomize Levels True Bonuses Random Randomize Spells True Bonus Chance 75% Natural Magic Random MP Random Percent 75-125% Randomize Levels True Equipable All Randomize Spells True Multi Summon False Menu Indicator True Mastered Icon False Misc. Magic MP Random Percent 75-125% -------------------------------------------------------- Items --------------------------------------------------------- Starting Gold/Items Shops Start Gold 0 Inventory Shuffle + Random Start Moogle Charms 3 Random Percent 20% Start Sprint Shoes 0 Price Random Percent 75-125% Start Warp Stones 1 Sell Fraction 1/4 Start Fenix Downs 2 Dried Meat 5 Start Tools 1 No Priceless Items True Start Junk 0 No Breakable Rods False Expensive Rods True Items No Elemental Shields True Equipable Original + Random 33% No Super Balls False Equipable Relics Original + Random 33% Expensive Balls True Cursed Shield Battles 5-13 No Exp. Eggs True Moogle Charm All True No Illuminas True SwdTech Runic All True Stronger Atma Weapon True Chests Contents Shuffle + Random Random Percent 20% MIAB Percent 0% Boss Percent 0% MIAB Shuffled True ------------------------------------------------------- Graphics ------------------------------------------------------- Sprite Palettes Character Customization Palette 0 Original 0 TERRA -> TERRA Terra Palette 1 Original 1 Terra Palette 2 Original 2 Palette 2 Palette 3 Original 3 LOCKE -> LOCKE Locke Palette 4 Original 4 Locke Palette 5 Original 5 Palette 1 Palette 6 Original 6 CYAN -> CYAN Cyan Cyan Other Portraits & Sprites Palette 4 Soldier Soldier SHADOW -> SHADOW Shadow Palette 1 Shadow Imp Imp Palette 4 Imp EDGAR -> EDGAR Edgar Palette 5 Edgar Esper Terra General Leo Palette 0 Palette 6 SABIN -> SABIN Sabin Merchant Banon-Duncan Sabin Palette 1 Palette 0 Ghost Esper Terra CELES -> CELES Celes Palette 0 Celes Kefka Merchant Palette 0 Palette 3 STRAGO -> STRAGO Strago Strago Other Graphics Palette 3 Remove Flashes Worst RELM -> RELM Relm World Minimap High Contrast Relm Healing Text Original Palette 3 SETZER -> SETZER Setzer Setzer Palette 4 MOG -> MOG Mog Mog Palette 5 GAU -> GAU Gau Gau Palette 3 GOGO -> GOGO Gogo Gogo Palette 3 UMARO -> UMARO Umaro Umaro Palette 5 -------------------------------------------------------- Other --------------------------------------------------------- Coliseum Challenges Opponents Random No Moogle Charms True Rewards Random No Exp Eggs True Rewards Visible 50-60 No Illuminas False No Exp. Eggs True No Sprint Shoes True No Illuminas True No Free Paladin Shields True No Free Characters/Espers False Auction House Permadeath False Randomize Items True Ultima N/A No Chocobo/Airship True Remove Learnable Spells Door Esper Hint True Ultima Max Espers 2 Bug Fixes Misc. Sketch True Movement AUTO_SPRINT Evade True Original Name Display True Vanish/Doom True Random RNG True Retort True Random Clock False Jump True Scan All False Boss Skip True Warp All False Enemy Damage Counter True Event Timers None Capture True Y NPC None NPC Tips False

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